Prior to COVID-19, digital marketing was useful for a lot of businesses…But now, with almost every business coming online (and counting on online sales to drive their revenue) it’s become crucial. That’s why you can no longer ignore digital marketing in the “pandemic era”.

Here are some quick marketing tips to help your business thrive, starting today.

Run a technical audit on your website

When was the last time that you audited your website to make sure the site is user-friendly and up to date? Now it’s the time to look into potential areas for improvement and fix them before the holiday season. This will help your site runs better and ranks higher.

Run a SEO / Keyword Audit on your Site

If you’ve found that your buyer personas and behaviors have changed, then it’s the time to revisit your current keywords and matrices. For example, if your restaurant now delivers, maybe instead of focusing on “Japanese Restaurant in Huntington Beach”, a new focus keyword phrase could be “Japanese Restaurant Delivery Huntington Beach”, as that the new keywords will appeal to the increased customers now looking for delivery options.

Use New Tactics to Increase Leads and Conversions

As the economy recovers from pandemic, customers are shopping around for discounts and promotions. It’s the perfect time to apply some of the tactics:

  • Running retargeting campaigns
  • Implement live chat on your site for visitors to get quick answers
  • Running an online or social media contest

The pandemic will not last forever, but consumer behavior may forever be changed as a result of it. Instead of waiting to see what might happen post-pandemic, it’s best for businesses to be proactive and take actions today.

If you’re interested in getting more clients and customers online, contact us via 657-214-1286 or send us a quick message.   Let Huntington Beach based digital marketing experts help you thrive COVID-19.